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1. Area of Agreement

This web page is a service of Jonas Wolf, Württemberger Straße 48, 78628 Rottweil, Germany (referred to as provider hereinafter). The page offers you (referred to as user hereinafter) the opportunity to inform yourself on the provider's software, to purchase and/or download it. The terms of use apply to every user of the page, regardless of whether the user just reads some of the pages, logs in and/or purchases content, or posts contributions. The provider offers its service solely on the basis of these terms of use. The provider is authorized to change and update partially or entirely these terms of use. The user is responsible to inform on the terms that are valid at present when using services of the provider. For downloads and purchases using Google™ Play Store, Google Wallet, Google or PayPal, the terms and conditions of these providers apply respectively. These terms of use also apply to applications that are distributed on Google Play Store using the alias "JW 301".

2. General Terms

2.1 The provider retains the explicit right to change, edit, or delete any part of the website as well as temporarily or permanently shut down to the public without prior warning.
2.2 All information, posts, and test reports on this web page are for the general information and use of the user and may only be used for private purposes. The user may is not authorized to download any information to a computer and/or storage device except for the designated download of software. The systematic and repeated download of relatively small amounts of information is on par with the download of considerable information. Printing information is for private purposes only and is allowed only in reasonable quantities. Any use of information for any commercial purposes is only allowed with written permission from the provider. The user is responsible for keeping information for private purposes from being unlawfully used by third-parties.
2.3 Although the provider does its best to keep the provided services running smoothly and bug-free, he cannot take any responsibility for malfunctions. The provider retains the right to repair any technical problems within a period of time defined by the provider. It is possible that some or all services will not be available during this time.

3. Services

3.1 Through the web page you can download Android™ software and purchase licenses for Android software. This is usually liable to costs. You can find further details about downloading or purchasing next to the respective download or purchase offer. The applicable charge is due upon payment. Payment is possible via Paypal. In some cases, a distribution through Google Play Store is offered. For downloads and transactions on Google Play Store, only the Google Play Store's terms of use apply.
3.2 The web page also offers you the opportunity to submit posts to the public (also directly from the distributed applications). The provider retains the right to delete, prune, edit or to not publish these posts without consultation or without giving any reason.
3.3 The use of the above-mentioned services is in some cases possible without logging in, for the rest, login using a Google account is required. Loggin in is free. By loggin in, an agreement for a certain period of time is concluded. The registration may be cancelled by either party without any justification at any time. The deletion of the used Google account disables the user from loggin in on this page. All claims of the user are then obsolete. Downloading or using of already purchased licenses and applications may not be possible any more
3.4 As part of our agreement we reserve the right to inform the user about news in our services. For that purpose, the provider sends emails to the respective email address used in the login process. The user has the right to choose to cease receiving these emails in the future.

4. Return Policy

The acquisition of applications and licenses is covered by the legally defined right of recession in connection with distance selling contracts. The reight of rescission is negated in §312 ph. 4 article 1 BGB, as downloads by their nature cannot be returned. In individual cases, the provider may agree to a refund. The user is not legally entitled to this.

5. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

All data, information, search results, texts, and graphics on this web page are copyright protected under copyright law. Moreover based on intellectual property rights (such as trademark rights and label rights among others) any reproduction, duplication, or modification is only allowed with written permission from the provider. In the case of content not created by the provider, the copyright and intellectual property rights of the third-party shall be respected. In particular third-party content that is clearly marked as such.

6. Terms of Use

6.1 By downloading software or purchasing a license the user obtains an unlimited right of use for private purposes of the respective software.
6.2 The provider retains the unlimited right of use on posts from their respective authors for full use in connection with the web page. This right of use is granted free of charge. The terms of use also determine the decision of publishing an entry. The respective author does not have the right to demand the publishing of a post/entry on the web page.

7. Provider Responsibility and Liability

7.1 The provider distributes software developed by himself and is therefore the software author. Nevertheless, the provider does not take any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, actuality or quality of the available software. The provider is particularly not liable whether the software is applicable/usable for the user's purposes.
7.2 Posts and entries from users are in some cases published in real-time. An editorial review is therefore not possible before publishing. The author is responsible for the content of each individual post. The provider shall immediately delete any post in case of violation.

8. User Responsibility and Liability

8.1 The user guarantees that all entered information regarding his identity or other relevant data are complete and correct. The user is under obligation to inform the provider of any changes of their information.
8.2 It is the user's responsibility to keep passwords used to access services of the provider secret and secure. If a third-party uses an identification token to access paid services of the user, the user is liable for a compensation of the respective costs in the case of an intentional violation of his security obligations.
8.3 The user shall not send any data, which in any shape or form threatens the operation of the web page or other services of the provider.
8.4 The user shall make sure that none of his contributions and posts break any laws, regulations and/or moral standards. This includes placing himself under the obligation of not posting any pornographic, violent, or inciting content as well not advocating or presenting instructions for criminal acts. The user's posts may not be offensive or defamatory.
8.5 In case of violation of any of the above rule the provider retains the right to remove the relevant content from the site and/or block the user's access to the services he provides. Should the user be responsible for the breach of the above rules, he or she is responsible for compensating all related damages. The user exempts the provider from any possible claims from third-parties as the result of a violation.

9. Liability for Links

The provider's services include links to external third-party websites. These links are carefully selected by the provider. A permanent control over content without a precise legal guidance point is, however, neither reasonable nor possible. The provider has no influence over the current or future content of linked sites. The provider is not responsible for accuracy, completeness, and actuality of the link and its content. The respective providers of the linked website are solely responsible for any illegal, incorrect, or incomplete information.

10. Privacy

The provider is committed to complying with the legal regulations related to protection of privacy.

11. Final Provisions

11.1 These terms of use and the legal relationship between the provider and the user are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany under the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
11.2 The place of jurisdiction agreed upon is Rottweil if the user does not have any general place of jurisdiction domestically, has permanent residency outside of the legal jurisdiction, or if the place of permanent residency is unknown.
11.3 If any of the clauses of the agreement or terms of use become partially void, this does not affect the binding force of the rest of the agreement and terms of use.

Rottweil, 29.08.2012

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