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Android apps by Jonas Wolf

Privacy statement

1. Operator

The application and the corresponding server interface is being operated by Jonas Wolf (see about us for details).

2. Permissions

For authenticating users who purchased the rights of use for the app on the website, the Google account of the users is being used. For this reason, a list of all the Google accounts set up on the device is being created and sent to the server. This list contains nothing more than the plain email addresses of the accounts, but neither names nor passwords. No other data are being submitted to the server.

Other settings (storage access, system settings etc.) are used solely to install ringtones on the device. No personal or device data are being recorded or submitted from system settings or storage.

3. Duration of data storage

Data transmitted by the user will only be saved for the time of the request and immediately discarded after the response message. There is no permanent storing of any kind of data.

4. Third parties

No data whatsoever are being transmitted to third parties.

Rottweil, 14.03.2017

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