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Emergency sounds


Android apps by Jonas Wolf

Emergency sounds

Current version:2.3.1
Release date:01/06/2014

Get access to a huge database of sounds from emergency services like fire department, police and ambulance.

Contains signals of American and German emergency vehicles, alarm sounds of all common pagers and much more!

In the full version, the sounds can also be used as ringtone/notification/alarm tone.

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Version history

Version:2.3.2Release date:03/14/2017 
Added privacy statement to comply with Google Play legal requirements

Version:2.3.1Release date:01/06/2014 
- Fixes a bug where the app crashes when trying to create a ringtone.
- Added new setting Use alternative media framework to circumvent a bug on Nexus devices running Android 4.3 or higher.

Version:2.3Release date:01/04/2014 
- Completely revamped audio playback. Gapless playback should now be available on all devices.
- Tons of bug fixes
- Support for Android 4.4 KitKat
- Also added some new sounds

Version:2.2.1Release date:08/07/2013 
Minor bug fixes

Version:2.2Release date:08/04/2013 
- Play preview: Listen to a preview before downloading a sound (Preview may have worse performance than final sound)
- Tone generator (BETA): Create alarm sounds of pagers from Swissphone that previously were not available. To use the tone generator, it has to be downloaded first.
- Modified layout for Android 3 and above
- Support for Android 4.3
- Bug fixes

Version:2.1.1Release date:05/04/2013 
Correct a force close in Android 2.3

Version:2.1Release date:05/01/2013 
- Modified some sounds to enable decompression for all sounds (you might need to re-download some sounds)
- Licensing of full version now compatible with Android 4.2+
- Miscellaneous bugfixes

Version:2.0.1Release date:09/01/2012 
Minor bug fixes

Version:2.0Release date:08/30/2012 
- Added preferences dialog
- Sounds can be decompressed(BETA) to enable gapless playback on some devices
- Ringtones can be extended
- Ringtones can be saved decompressed (if you're having problems with the ringtones)
- Added possibility to buy full version from the web page
- Number of available sounds in the free version increased to 6
- Notification during playback
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- And an easter egg, who's going to find it?

Version:1.3.2Release date:06/07/2012 
This release fixes a small problem with Android phones before 2.3, sorry about that ;)
Also, some license problems were fixed (thanks to Christian)
Now reports/requests can be viewed, we have answered them and you can respond if you'd like to.

Version:1.0Release date:05/23/2012 
First release
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